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In Memoriam

The pages in this website are dedicated to our wonderful friends and RPCVSF Members who have passed.

Jean Kretchmer, Fiji, 1988-1990

On April 5, 1996, Jean, age 73, flew to Atlanta to meet President Jimmy Carter and receive the Peace Corp's Lillian Carter Award at The Carter Center. Jeannie Erhardt was born in Chicago, where she met and later married Edward Kretschmer during World War II. After the war, they moved to Detroit, where they bought and ran a business school.

Eventually, she moved to Ft Lauderdale as a widow, but soon bought a trawler and sailed the world. At age 67, she joined the Peace Corps and worked in the Fiji Islands. Jean served on the Board of Directors for RPCVSF for a number of years. 

Donna Kelley, Eritrea
Elmer Peter Albert
Al Baird, Philippines
Shelby Bond
Chris Gray
Cristina Prado

Joseph Romance

Joan Mills Siesel, Thailand 101
Barbara H. Smith
Rose Whiteside
David Ripley

Thousands of Peace Corps Volunteers across the globe, and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers nationwide mourn the loss of 29-year old Peace Corps Volunteer, David Ripley of Palmetto, Florida, who was serving in Rwanda and, while traveling in Tanzania, was struck down by a fatal aneurysm.

We wish to extend condolences to his family and friends on behalf of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Gulf Coast Florida, RPCVs of South Florida, RPCVs of Tampa, and RPCVs of SW Florida.

Marisol Snow, July 6, 2015.

Marisa Snow was a Peace Corps Volunteer who was serving in Botswana with her husband Gary Snow until the spring of 2015 when upon the recommendation of their physician in Botswana, they returned home for medical treatment.

RPCV Anita Ashok Dator, 41, was one of 19 people killed Friday, November 20th, in a terror attack on a hotel in Mail. Anita, a mother of a 7 year old, served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal. She was with the Palladium Group, an international development organization and focused on family planning and HIV issues. Anita was not a member of our group nor a resident of Florida, nevertheless, our hearts are heavy with her loss.

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